Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Dislike My Friends

Ok, so, a couple days ago, I tried to book tickets for all my friends to go see the preview of a certain movie.
But, while I was trying to txt everyone to make sure they could/can't go, as well as figure out where I would get the money to pay for these tickets... All the tickets sold out for the movie. So I couldn't buy any, for that amount of people anyway...
Now, I could have been selfish and just said; you know what, screw my friends, I'm just going to buy one ticket for myself. But I didn't because I knew they would feel really gutted and left out if I did that.

Now this morning I get a txt from one of my friends, saying that another of our friends was able to get two tickets to the movie at a different cinema... I was pretty sure they where all sold out because I had checked other places...
But, considering, that the friend who txt me wasn't the friend who had gotten the tickets. The txt went like this:

"Hey just got 2 tix to see pre screening at on the 11th of Dec..."

What the hell do those dot dot dots mean?! In my mind it says: Yeah, she got some tickets, I don't really know why I'm telling you because she's not taking you anyway because she told ME about if first...
Now I know at this is just me assuming, but since I've not talked to the person who bought the tickets, and the person who txt me, now isn't txting me back *grr* it just really gives me the impression that I'm not going to going with the person who bought the tickets... Even though I was the one who first told everyone about the whole gawdamn thing!! *grr*
But, you know, most of all this just really makes me feel... I don't know... ripped off? Because, I could have so easily just bought one ticket all for myself and just gone and seen it, but I didn't because I was thinking of my friends... Now I really wish I had just been selfish...

I know this is a really petty reason to get angry... I just really hate if (in general) when friends/people don't offer the same thoughtfulness that you offer them... It just leaves one feeling hurt, ripped off and wondering why they even bothered caring in the first place.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I think, even though I try my best not to be, I'm a very jealous person...

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I'm sorry I keep going insane and annoying you on I.M. ...
I'm sorry I keep going crazy and try to get your attention through txts...
I'm sorry I keep going mental and repeat myself with the same stupid questions...

But I can't help myself.

And you frustrate me!

I shouldn't talk to you anymore.

I should delete you from my lists.

Cause you're no good.

And you're mean.

But I can't help myself.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sorry, Another *ANGER* Post

I'm having Mother-Daughter issues today...

My daughter keeps misbehaving and being a little brat... no, just kidding...

But seriously, my mum is being such a pain today. She's constantly going between two extremes of being really angry at me for no reason, or just being really crazy and talking about stupid plans that she has, that are never going to happen; for instance this she keeps going on about how she wants to buy this large, expensive, piece of land up north and just live out there like a hermit. Which, to be honest, is completely unrealistic.
And, I just hate how she gets so angry all the time and then either takes it out on me, being angry at me, or vents to me. Both are just as bad as each other. Because I'm the only other "Adult" in the house I get to hear about everything, lucky me.
When she does this it just ends up putting me in such a bad mood ARGH! and I hate being angry, because I'm NOT and angry person. But man, she just pisses me off so much sometimes.
She's always constantly telling me I should move out, which is always a real ego booster. Sometimes I really would love to move out, so I can be away from her, but it would mean I would have to move into the city, while I'm still studying, and I really really don't want to have to do that, because I wouldn't be able to afford a flat in this area while I'm studying full-time...
I don't know, I feel like I'm being such a whiney "teen" but, sigh, I hate this so much!
I guess for now, I will just try and avoid her as much as possible. Of course then she'll accuse me of being depressed or something *smacks head into hands* GUH! There is no winning...

Two more years (or less), and I'll be out of her hair...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It's so annoying and lame when people are JERK-FACES!!!

Especially if they spend the whole day ignoring you and then decided that midnight is a good time to start up a conversation... And then don't even say goodbye because they're weak a$$ lame-o's who fall asleep at the drop of a hat. *anger*

These people, I especially detest.


The Real Reason

Hmm, so I have an idea for a video, but it's proving very difficult to think of things to put IN this video... I don't know, hopefully I will think of more things.

Anyway, so the real reason I made this blog, is basically because I'm going bored out of my mind. And lucky for me, I get bored easily...

It's "summer" holidays for me now, but of course, I can't exactly do anything "summery" yet because the weather is still pretty crappy. Not to mention the majority if my friends are still sitting their exams which means I can't hang out with them yet because they're still cooped up studying.


Now, I can do okay untill about midday or so, with my amazing power to sleep in for long amounts of time, because, well I'm asleep. But after that, that's when I start to loose it. So, I thought maybe if I started a new blog, I would have another thing to keep me entertained for a little while, and if that doesn't work, I would at least have somewhere to put my insane rants right?

Now, I'm hoping that I'll maybe be able to maybe post a picture/quote/whatever of the day, to make things a bit more interesting, but I'm not going to grantee anything, because, well, I can get pretty lazy.

Yeah, So...

Every now and then, I decided I want to start blogging again, and instead of just reviving the blog I already have I make a whole new one?? Yeah, weird I know.

So, that said, welcome to "Rache's Secret Blog". Which, by the way, isn't really supposed to be secret I just like the way that title sounds. Enjoy.