Friday, May 15, 2009

Old News I Know... But,

 After seeing the Jonas Brothers 3D concert and seeing Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift singing (ironically) "Should've Said No" ... It just made me wonder about the whole deal between them and the break up. 
I know it's old news, but I never really paid too much attention while it was going on, so I decided to, instead of doing something productive like studying, undertake some research into what happened.

And what I concluded made my heart sink.
It's weird, they didn't seem to be going out very long, or if they were it was a secret... But I guess they, (well Joe anyway), just kinda drifted away from each other. 
I don't think the 27sec phone call thing really matters too much, or who hung up on whom. Or the reason for the break up, which most suspect is because Joe left her for another girl, instead of cheating, which I think is a good thing and a wise choice...
I'm not really too sure what I'm trying to get at...
I guess, I just feel bad that things couldn't work out for them.
And I feel bad for Taylor cause she got dumped, by what was probably one of her first boyfriends and that people now might think her snarky, even though probably everyone would have done a similar thing if in her shoes.
And I feel bad for Joe that a lot of people think he's a jerk now, even though what he did, was better than just cheating, cruel to be kind right?
And I suppose if you don't have feelings for someone anymore it's better to let them go instead of dragging it out. 
And I just feel bad for the both of them that it's now this whole awkward thing, and I hope one day they can be friends... Or at least let there be no awkwardness...

I guess I just wanted to talk about this because one of my friends recently got dumped, out of the blue, and so I can see how awful it is, by seeing what she's going though... Mmm


At least one good thing came out of Taylor and Joe's break up was her song "Forever and Always" which is one of my favourite tracks on her album "Fearless", if they'd never broken up, she would have never written that awesome song!

Okay, I think that's all I really wanted to say about that.

Break ups suck.

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